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Young Artist’s Shine at Valentines Mansion

Step into our Gallery and you’ll be in awe of the exceptional artwork currently on display.  A superb collection of paintings, drawings and stained-glass art make up this new exhibition, but what’s more impressive is that the artists involved are all aged between 8 and 16 years!  Bringing together science and art, the group of students belonging to local art group ArtyGalina have studied the golden ratio, Fibonacci sequences and fractal geometry in nature as a theme for their display titled “Track the Code”.

Local resident and teacher Galina Rafailova from Chigwell established the club in 2010 for her daughter and friend, and the groups’ membership has since grown to 30 students.  The young talents explore a variety of artistic disciplines including pencil drawing, painting, embroidery, sculpting and lino cutting, and as well as developing their artistic skills, ARTYGalina has doubled up as an art therapy session for the young minds.

“The children are thrilled to be exhibiting at Valentines Mansion – working with these young people makes me so happy – their enthusiasm and energy makes me believe in future generations.  They’ve worked so hard, and their talent needs to be shared, and we’re so lucky to have a free art gallery on our doorstep which is accessible to all.”  commented Galina.

The talented artists themselves were just as excited to be exhibiting their work!

Young Artist
Bortecin 12y

“When I was told that I would be taking part in an art exhibition I was delighted to have the opportunity to show off my art piece. I like to express myself through my art. I put lots of effort into my drawing and made big progress while I was working on it.” Bortecin 12y

Young Artists
Milana 11y

“I love art and I am really happy to be part of this club. I love displaying my art piece At Valentines Mansion where other people can see it. “ Milana 11y

Young Artists
Zara 10y

“I am very happy to take part in an art exhibition where different people have the opportunity to see mine and other students art work. This is the  best piece I have ever done and I feel very proud seeing it on public display.” Zara 10y

Teo 11y

“I love art because I can express myself through different art media and styles. In the club I learn different skills that help me to improve my confidence. My parents and I visited the Mansion’s art gallery and I felt very proud seeing my work on display.” Teo 11

Kaan 8y


“I love art because it is calming and I learn many new skills. I find the exhibition very exciting because people can see the best artwork I have ever done.“ Kaan 8y

Art lessons outsideArtyGalina

The group often take their sessions outside, exploring nature and using this as a way to relax and feel inspired.  As Galina explains “Every year we focus on different topics but nature remains our main source of inspiration.  This year we choose the theme of the Golden Ratio, Fibonacci Sequences and Fractal Geometry in nature.  Pupils observed, recorded and developed ideas through investigation based on visual and written facts.  In their artworks and written displays they captured perfectly The Divine Code encoded everywhere in the natural world showing our strong connection with each other.”



Here’s what some of the other artists had to say:


“Golden Ratio and Fibonacci Sequence were guides on where and how to compose my picture. For example I use Fibonacci Sequence when working out finer details on the face.  This allowed me to make everything nice and even. When using method like this you get an overall symmetrical picture.” by Ernesta 13y


“I have pained a conch inspired by Fibonacci Sequence and sea life. and it’s most clearly seen at the bottom spiral towards the apex clearly showing the Divine Code” by Kristine 12y .

Come and see for yourself!  “Track The Code – Young Artists’ Exhibition” is open to the public every Sunday and Monday 12pm-5pm until the 15th April with free entry. 

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