Terms and Conditions

Booking Process and Charges

  1. Enquiries can be made by phone, email or by completion of the online information request form at www.valentinesmansion.com. You will also find details of our charges and booking options.
  2. Provisional bookings can be held for a maximum period of 7 days, during which time a completed booking form and deposit of 25% of the full hire fee must be returned. Provisional bookings are removed without notice after a maximum of 7 days if no contact is received from the hirer.
  3. The hire period booked is the time of entry and exit to/from Valentines Mansion by any hirer or associated service of the hirer.   All persons, including suppliers/subcontractors must clear and vacate the premises no later than the time stipulated and agreed/signed on the booking form.        
  4. The deposit is non-refundable in any circumstance.
  5. Once the completed booking form and deposit is received, a confirmation email will be sent detailing the total hire charges, the remaining balance, and when this is due.
  6. The balance of payment is required in full, 2 months prior to the date of the hire along with a refundable retainer of £500 or £1000 whichever is applicable. We will treat the booking as being cancelled if this payment is not received accordingly.
  7. All bookings taken for dates less than 2 months away are required to be paid in full at the time of booking.
  8. The refundable retainer will be refunded up to 28 days after the date of the hire minus any charges relating to damage or loss caused by the hirer, their guests, staff or subcontractors. The amount deducted shall be at the discretion of Vision RCL and more particularly:
    1. Should the hirer fail to vacate the premises at the time specified on the application form, Vision RCL shall be entitled to deduct a minimum of twice the hourly rate for each hour exceeding the time on the application form.
    1. Should the hirer fail to comply with the cleaning obligations detailed in clause 34, Vision RCL being required to clean and tidy the premises to the required standard then, Vision RCL shall be entitled to deduct from the retainer an amount not less than the cost incurred to do so.
    1. Should damage or loss be greater than the amount of refundable retainer held then Vision RCL will pursue the hirer for the outstanding sum and the hirer agrees to pay Vision RCL on demand the cost of any matter as notified by Vision RCL which these conditions state to be at the hirer’s expense and in respect of which Vision RCL has made payment.
  9. All applications for hire shall be made on the approved application form which must be completed in full, and signed by an adult over the age of 18 years who will be deemed to be the responsible Hirer, to whom all correspondence and accounts will be sent.
  10. Amendments and cancellation must be made in writing and are not guaranteed as received until it has been acknowledged in writing from Vision RCL. If a hire is cancelled or amended more than two months before the due date of the hire the initial 25% fee shall be forfeited.  No refund shall be made in the event of cancellation or amendment less than two months prior to the due date of hire.  It is advisable for the hirer to take obtain insurance to protect against cancellation.
  11. An amendment is classed as a change of times or other alteration such as adding additional rooms or change rooms.  An amendment fee of £30 may be charged.  A change of date does not fall within the amendment fee and will be classed as a cancellation.
  12. Should you require additional space (i.e. for prayer), an additional room will need to be hired and paid for in accordance with booking fees and normal terms and conditions in advance.

Valentines Mansion and Gardens & Car Parking

  1. Please note that the hire of Valentines Mansion does not provide exclusive access to the car park or include payment for parking in the car park.  It will be the hirer’s responsibility to ensure they inform all attendees that they are responsible for paying for parking. This is on the RingGo parking app.   
  2. If you are planning to have a ‘Wedding car’ and want access to the front of the Mansion, you must let us know 7 days in advance so we can arrange to have the locked barrier removed for you.
  3. The hire of a ceremony room does not include rights of use of the walled garden or parking space. There may be other activities taking place during the allocated time slot, either within the Mansion or surrounding park area. Vision RCL will endeavour to inform the hirer of these activities where these are known in advance but will not be liable for any activity organised by a third party which may impact on the hire.


  1. The use of furniture is included within the hire charges and will be set up according to the Hirer’s request and must be agreed with Mansion staff at least 21 days before the hire date.  The use of any other equipment for which there may be additional charges, must be confirmed and booked at least 14 days prior to the hire date. No alterations may be made to any of the fittings, furnishings or equipment upon the premises, which may be used only for their proper purpose and in a reasonable manner.  Nor may attachments be made to the fabric of the building.  Vision RCL staff may supervise the erection of temporary equipment.
  2. Hirers are required to agree the use of and provide evidence of successful PAT (Portable Appliances Testing) for any electrical equipment they will be supplying themselves and any 3rd parties they are using.
  3. The property of Hirers cannot be stored on the premises outside the hire period. Any items left whatsoever after the hire period will be disposed of, and any related costs deducted from the refundable retainer.
  4. If using Valentines Mansion Phone or Laptop stand to stream your event, you agree to take full responsibility should there be any damage caused to your devices. Vision cannot be held liable for any damages.


20.        If using external caterers for your function, they will need to show evidence to us of their Food Standard Hygiene Rating with a minimum of a 5-stars and their Public Liability Insurance (minimum £5million). A site visit is also mandatory.  The above paperwork is due no later than 1 month before the event. Vision RCL reserves the right to turn away a caterer who is unable to provide the required documentation, for health and safety reasons. Only agreed caterers are permitted to use the kitchens, fridges & freezers. Dishwashers are not permitted to be used at any time. Strong aroma foods may not be cooked inside the premises but may be served (e.g. fish/ curry).

21.        If any damage has been caused to the building or equipment by the caterer, if the kitchens and serving areas are not returned to the condition they were in at the commencement of the hire, or if any articles owned by Valentines Mansion are lost or missing as a consequence of the catering, these expenses shall be deducted from the refundable retainer.

22.        In certain instances, self-catering is permitted (excluding all beverages). Food must be placed directly on service tables and then removed from the premises and all rubbish disposed of, by the end of the hire time.  If access to the kitchen area is wanted a £120.00 levy is required. A disclaimer form is required to be signed by the hirer.

23.        Gas is not permitted within the Mansion at any time.  Gas barbeques and hog roasts only permitted through professional caterers only on a specified area outside the Mansion. Gas appliances must be supervised at all times by the catering company.  Coal barbecues are not permitted.


24.        Valentines Mansion is licensed for the performance of live music, for the playing of recorded music, and for dance during the following times:

             Monday-Thursday                   09.00-22.00

             Friday & Saturday                    09.00-22.30

             Sunday                                    11.00-22.00

             An extension to the above times ‘may’ be available and must be applied for via the Mansion. Charges apply. Dancing is permitted in The Gallery only. To comply with our licence, all windows and doors must be kept closed from 9pm except for entry and exit and music must not exceed agreed maximum noise levels, as advised by and agreed with Valentines staff and they will. Shutters must be closed if disco/flashing lights are in use.     

25.        Certain activities may require additional licences and permissions.  Applications must be applied to and approved by both Valentines Mansion and the Chief Public Protection Officer at the London Borough of Redbridge.  It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that all appropriate permissions are obtained and paid for with the sufficient required notice. No refund can be given for hires that are cancelled due to lack of appropriate permissions.

26.        The playing of audio recordings is subject to Phonographic Performance License/Performing Rights Society licences.  The Hirer shall complete, where appropriate, the information requested in relation to these licences and additional charges will be applicable, specific to the nature of the hire. 

27.        Valentines Mansion is licensed for the sale of alcohol during the following times within permitted rooms.

             Monday-Thursday                   11.00-22.30

             Friday & Saturday                    11.00-23.30

             Sunday                                    11.00-22.30

An extension to the above times ‘may’ be available for which charges will apply.  Alcohol is not permitted to any person who is, or appears to be under 18 years at any time within the premises.  ID may be requested by any VRCL officer in relation to this.

28.        Valentines Mansion is licenced for marriages and the formation of civil partnerships.  Religious ceremonies of any kind are not permitted within Valentines Mansion.

Insurance and Indemnity

29.        All subcontractors and equipment brought on to the premises must hold the required licences, certification and insurance, and electrical and gas (for use outside the Mansion only) equipment must be PAT tested. It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that these records are supplied to Vision RCL not later than 14 days prior to the date of the hire.

30.        Vision RCL will not (other than for damage, death or injury to an individual or to his personal possessions caused by the negligence of its officers or servants) be responsible for any loss, damage or injury to the Hirer or any person on the premises in connection with the hire or for any loss, damage or failure of the heating, lighting or other equipment or service.   Any items that are brought on to the premises are done so at the Hirer’s own risk.

31.        VRCL maintains buildings insurance in respect of the Premises. In the event that VRCL’s insurance is invalidated by an act of the Hirer or by one of their guests, the Hirer shall be liable for the full sum of any costs incurred. 

32.        The Hirer hereby indemnifies VRCL against all actions, proceedings, costs, claims and demands whatsoever which may arise as a result of the hire.

Health and Safety

33.        Fire evacuation procedures and other health and safety procedures will be imparted to the hirer and must be adhered to throughout the hire.  This includes not exceeding the maximum room capacity. Foyers, common entrance areas and stairs should be kept clear at all times.

General Restrictions

34.        To protect the fabric of the historical building, and to comply with licensing regulations we do not permit the use of pyrotechnics, candles, water cannons, smoke machines or flames, or any such like related item/s.

             33.1 Smoking/E-cigarettes are not permitted within the premises.

             33.2 Flower arrangements must take appropriate precautions to avoid stains by removing stamens.

             33.3 Red wine, dark sherry and similar drinks may only be served as part of a sit down meal. (Please ask for clarification if unsure)

             33.4 Dogs (except Guide and Hearing Dogs) are not permitted inside Valentines Mansion.

             33.5 Children must be suitably supervised by an adult at all times.

35.        Valentines Park is a no drinking zone.  Alcohol may only be consumed in the immediate vicinity of the Mansion, ie under the curved carriage entrance (known as the porte cochère) or the terraced area, unless a separate licence has been applied for via the Mansion.

36.        Rooms and common areas must be left clean, tidy and undamaged in any way to any part of the fabric, fixtures or fittings.  All hirers (inclusive of subcontractors) equipment must be removed in entirety from the premises by the end of the hire time. 

37.        Complaints must be made in writing, to the Manager, within 72 hours of an incident.

38.        Hirers must ensure guests in stiletto heels wear heel protectors throughout the mansion to prevent damage to flooring. These can be purchased on line

Compliance with conditions

39.        The use of Valentines Mansion shall not be for any purpose other than that specified in the booking proposal form, or otherwise approved in writing by Valentines Mansion. Vision RCL will not tolerate any discriminatory or offensive behaviour by organisations or individuals.  The hirer shall not use the premises to further the purposes of any organisation(s), group(s) or individual(s) whose objectives are in Vision RCL’s opinion, detrimental to the promotion of equal opportunity for, and good race relations between, people who have a disability and people of different sexual orientation, age, nationality, race, religion or ethnic or national origin, or which otherwise conflict with the statutory duties of Vision RCL.  Vision RCL shall, at its absolute discretion, cancel or terminate any hire if the Hirer, their guests or contractors breach this condition.

40.        No public announcement (including through social media) shall be made concerning the hire before the hirer has received written confirmation of the booking and unless and until Vision RCL has given its prior written approval and all adverts and written marketing materials should bear the full name, address and contact of the hirer. Any charity activity must be advertised showing clearly which charity is to benefit and the charity registration number.

41.        Vision Redbridge Culture and Leisure and Redbridge Council reserve the right for any of its members, authorised officers or agents to enter any of the rooms at all times. The Hirer’s right of entry extends only between the times for which the room has been booked.

42.        Vision RCL shall have absolute discretion as to the letting of the premises. If VRCL considers that injury/damage may be occasioned to its employees and/or premises, it will refuse to accept a booking and/or cancel future bookings.

43.        Should the Hirer refuse, or fail to comply with these conditions and regulations or with any instructions conveyed to them by any of Vision’s or the Council’s authorised officers, (s)he and their guests may be excluded until (s)he complies with the same, but without relieving them of their obligations under these conditions.

If you have questions regarding these T&C’s please contact the Mansion on www.valentinesmansion.com or 020 8708 8100.